World Book Day

Here at Rasoi, we are proud of the fact that we love to contribute to the local community by developing young minds. As it is World Book Day, we decided to visit a local school, Pontarddulais Primary School for their own ‘Bont Book Day’, to donate 40 books and learning materials. We had a lot of fun, and the children enjoyed dressing up for the occasion!

World Book Day is a registered charity that aims to give every child a book of their own and celebrates reading as a whole. Here at Rasoi, we felt that this is an important mission, as books help learning and development and so we wanted to give back to the community through education.


Treat someone special on Valentine’s Day at Rasoi.

Why not make the “Rasoi Passion” cocktail part our your dream date on Valentine’s Day?

Made with lashing of 3 year old Havana Club Rum, which enjoys intense vanilla, smoky caramelised pear and banana flavours, spiced with cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon juice, then expertly mixed with passion fruit & garnished with star fruit and a strawberry.

Guaranteed to impress your date, the “Rasoi Passion” is served in a tall elegant glass.

The start of a memorable Rasoi experience.

We have an updated menu that offers a number of new and exciting dishes to try. Including our new pre-dinner nibbles, six new starters and six new main courses. We also have a wider selection of vegetarian & vegan dishes available.

To wet your appetite, why not browse our menus online at: or

We are getting busy, so to avoid disappointment, just call:

Rasoi Waterfront on 01792 462350 or book online
Rasoi Indian Kitchen on 01792 882409 or book online

Our new Thali dishes are proving to be a HIT!!

Since the launch of our five new Thali dishes in October, we have been over whelmed by the number of diners ordering them and secondly, the rave reviews we have enjoyed in the local media.
Wales Online visited us at Christmas and Jenny White from the paper waxed lyrical about her dining experience at Rasoi Waterfront. If you would like to read about her visit please click on the link below, which will take you to their website:

If you haven’t had a Thali before, it is a dish served on a round platter providing a complete meal in itself. It’s the traditional way food is eaten on the Indian continent.

There are chicken, lamb, fish and two vegetarian Thalis to choose from. Each main dish is served with niramish vegetables, tarka daal, yoghurt, cold kachumber salad, basmati rice and crunchy masala papad.

Enjoy a little bit of everything whilst exploring this regional cuisine.

Rasoi Waterfront has done it again – Won the best Indian restaurant in Wales

Rasoi Waterfront recently accepted the award for the best Indian restaurant in Wales at the British Curry Awards 2018. This prestigious event was filled with leading lights of the British Indian restaurant scene, as well as numerous celebrities, food critics and key figures from the food & drinks industry.

Held at London’s Battersea Evolution, Rasoi Waterfront saw themselves up against their sister restaurant, Rasoi Indian Kitchen in the Welsh category and with them both being previous winners of the award, the pressure was on.

Jas Kullar, co-owner of Rasoi Waterfront and Rasoi Indian Kitchen comments, “My family and I are so proud of winning the 2018 award, our team in Swansea have worked so hard this year to maintain the high standards we set ourselves and this is recognition of this. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member from both restaurants, this award is for you all.

Between the two restaurants we have collectively won this award five times, cementing the Rasoi brand as leading Indian restaurants in Wales. That saying, we will never rest on our laurels and continually push ourselves to develop our unique brand of cuisine and strive for exceptional levels of customer service.

It’s has also been a very busy few weeks for us, with Beaujolais Nouveau Day, winning the catering contract for Bollywood film “Jungle Cry”, the build up to Christmas and now this.”

Kullar concludes, “Finally, thanks must go to our loyal customer base, who have supported the two restaurant since opening. We really down appreciate your support.”

Rasoi wins catering contract for Bollywood’s “Jungle Cry” film

The entrepreneurial family behind two of Wales’ award winning Indian restaurants have secured a first, a film set catering contract for a major Bollywood movie being filmed in Wales. Jungle Cry is a $5 million project being directed and bank rolled by Hollywood producer Prashant Shah at various locations across South Wales.

Rasoi started serving their award winning food this week, which involves producing four meals a day for 120 cast and crew members at various South Wales filming locations. That’s serving nearly 15,000 meals and snacks during filming. Including a hearty breakfast before the sun rises, a two course lunch, a lighter mid afternoon lunch and a two course dinner at the end of a very tiring day of filming.

Jas Kullar, co-owner of Rasoi comments, “We are delighted to have won this prestigious contract for a Bollywood movie filmed in Wales. This has given us the chance to showcase our award winning food to an international audience and offers much need local employment to chefs & other catering staff. It’s going to be a busy time for us.

We are huge fans of Prashant Shah’s film and television work. He’s produced some hugely grossing Bollywood movies, such as Ra One and Bang Bang. His next film is released next month – Zero, starring on of my family’s favourite actors, Shah Rukh Khan. We are all hoping to go on set to meet all the actors and enjoy some that Bollywood glamour.

Having Prashant Shah working in Wales instead of his usual Hollywood is a great advertisement for our country and his film is all about rugby, so it’s bound to go down well. It’s a story about a number of disadvantaged teenage rugby players coming over to the UK to play in a youth charity rugby tournament.”

Kullar concludes, “Even one of restaurants might feature in the movie.”

Meet Victor Slavu from Rasoi Indian Kitchen

At Rasoi our staff are the key ingredients to the success of the restaurant, so let’s meet Victor Slavu.

Victor has spent over 12 years working in restaurants developing and maintaining key levels of service, which we pride ourselves on.

So lets get to know Victor a little better and try to understand what make him “tick”.

Why did you choose the hospitality industry as a career?

Working in restaurants is in my blood, I started when I was 19 years of age at the establishment where my mother is head chef. So the industry found me.

Where did you work before coming to Swansea?

I worked in a busy restaurant in Focsani, Romania called Pensiunea Dana for 12 years and learnt so much about how to offer good service everyday. That’s the most important thing for me. Working with my family was such a pleasure, it could get a little heated at times, but that what happens in a pressure environment.

I came to the UK to start a new life, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. I love living in Swansea, I meet lots of interesting people and enjoy visiting beautiful places.

Who has been the greatest influencers in your life?

It has to be my Mum. She works very long hours in the restaurant and juggled bring us up, it not have been easy for her.

What’s your favourite place in Swansea?

I love the open space of Singleton Park, enjoying a coffee and a walk with my fiancée. Also Rhossili beach is my favourite bay on Gower, I was blown away when I first visited and can’t go down there enough.

What sport do you like to watch, football, rugby or cricket?

Sport is not my thing. But I do love movies and watch them all the time. My favourite pastime is settling down to watch The Godfather, with a beer and crisps. But any crime based films I enjoy.

What’s the best Welsh ingredients you cook with?

Welsh pork is fantastic and I really enjoy some of the local sausages I find in Swansea Market. The spicier the better for me.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Pasta has to be my favourite, it reminds of home and dishes my Mum cooks. Any meaty pasta I enjoy. For dessert, it has to be Tiramisu, with an extra shot of coffee. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, but I do enjoy a chilled local Welsh beer regularly.

What’s your favourite dish on the current Rasoi menu?

My favourite meal from the restaurant is a Chicken Jalfrezi, with steamed rice and an Aloo Gobho side order. I could eat this nearly everyday!!

Do you have many friends in Swansea?

Yes I do and I now have a fiancée, who I proposed to one month ago and she said yes. We plan to get married in 2020 back home in Romania. So I’m a very happy man.

Do you have any past times?

I enjoy watching movies, shopping and listening to music; mainly heavy metal. Walking is my passion, I love being in Wales and enjoy visiting the mountains, it reminds me of home. I recently walking to the top of Mount Snowdon with the other guys from Rasoi and the views were amazing.

Thanks Victor.

Rasoi’s charitable trust continues support of their Indian based projects

The entrepreneurial family behind two of Wales’ award winning Indian restaurants have quietly been raising and donating a six figure sum of money to support social projects through their charitable trust in Northern India.

Jas Kular, co-owner of Rasoi comments, “We have been involved in developing projects in the Punjab region of India for a number of years. Following one of our visits to the region we noticed that the educational provision and the access to basis health services were lacking. So as a family we decided to set up a charitable trust and commence work on two projects. Firstly, giving young children the opportunity to start & complete their education. Secondly, addressing the lack of professional eye care services in this region.

Our education project sees us support over 75 children to complete their education. From the age of 4 years through to either they leave high school and find a job or go onto higher education, we cover the expense of their tuition fees, providing a daily lunch, uniforms, stationery and any other items that are required to complete their studies.

We receive so many stories about the past students and how their lives are progressing. Pupils have gone on to work in hospitals, offices, hotels, department stores and also completing apprenticeships in the manufacturing sector. As a family we are extremely proud of their achievements and seeing how we can make such a difference to their lives is the most rewarding part of this.

We visit India twice a year to help co-ordinate this project and we hope to support over 100 children through their education by the end of this year.”

“The second project to based around eye care and general healthcare for people who do not have easy access or can not afford this essential service. They do not have an NHS type of organisation where treatment is free at the point of delivery and sometimes what provision is available is extremely expensive and hundreds of miles away.

So we set up a mobile eye clinic that travels to the remote areas of the Punjab and provide free eye tests to all members of the community. These clinics have been extremely popular, with over 150 people attending our last event in one day alone.

Following an eye test, if the optometrist identifies that someone requires glasses, then we will provide these free of charge. If a more serious condition is identified then we have the provision to transport an individual to a regional hospital and whatever the procedure is, we will cover this cost. Secondly, if a resident requires more serious surgery for an unrelated condition, then we have a hospital situated only 2km from the border of Indian and Pakistan, where again, we will provide this care free of charge to the individual. We will make sure they also return home safely after their period of convalescence.”

Kullar concludes, “We are committed as a family to continue these projects and we want to help fund projects that allow people to become educated, remain healthily and to be given career opportunities, things that we take for granted in the UK.

It’s the smiling happy faces that make this all worthwhile”

Meet our Tandoori Chef, Raghubeer from Rasoi Waterfront

At Rasoi our staff are the key ingredients to the success of the restaurant and our Tandoori Chef, Raghubeer Rana is one of most experienced.

Raghubeer has spent over 20 years perfecting his skills that produce Rasoi’s delicious food.

So lets get to know Raghubeer a little better and try to understand what make him “tick”.

Why did you choose the hospitality industry as a career?

Cooking has been my passion for over 20 years and with other key members of my family being in the industry, it seemed a natural step to take. My older brother has worked in the industry and seeing his career develop, I thought it would be something I would like to do also.

Where did you work before coming to Swansea?

I worked in a busy Indian restaurant in Leicester called Indigo for a number of years and Rasoi has been my home for over five years now. As part of my interview at Rasoi I had to cook a number of dishes, including our famous lamb chops, a mixed grill and a fish tikka dish. I think Jas and Suki were very impressed, as they offered me the job on the spot.

Who has been the greatest influencers in your life?

Again I have to say my brother, he has been the greatest role model, he works very hard for our family and I’ve always looked up to him.

From a cookery perspective I really admire Sanjeev Kapoor. If you haven’t heard of him, he is a world-renowned Indian chef, who appears on a lot on television shows and is a very successful entrepreneur. I have a number of his cookery books and love his style of modern and traditional cuisine, a real fusion. Maybe that’s why I like his cooking so much, as it’s similar to the way we do things here at Rasoi.

What’s your favourite place in Swansea?

There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach with an ice cream after a long walk.  Looking over from SA1 to Mumbles head is so beautiful.

What sport do you like to watch, football, rugby or cricket?

How can you ask an Indian that question!! Cricket of course. I watch it all the time when I’m not working.  MS Dhoni is my favourite player of all time, he captained the side for years and I think he is the best Indian player of all time.

What’s the best Welsh ingredients you cook with?

Welsh lamb is one of my favourite ingredient, it’s so tasty and tender when cooked well.  I enjoy making Rasoi’s secret blend of Garam Masala and I also use it at home.

It reminds me of dishes we used to make during my childhood.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Another favourite dish from my childhood, which I make regularly is a spicy lamb curry, with plain boiled rice and some salad. It’s simple food, but once the lamb has been marinating in the spices overnight, there’s nothing better.

I also make lots of Chinese food, chill chicken and fried noodles is one of my specialities.

I do like a Kingfisher beer, but the UK version is a lot weaker than the one back home. So beware if you ever go to India, don’t drink too many!!

What’s your favourite dish on the current Rasoi menu?

Like so many other people, I have to say the tandoori lamb chops, because I make them everyday for customers. I love how they are still so juicy after cooking and the skin is crispy.

Do you have many friends in Swansea?

Yes I do and lots of work colleagues. We all socialise when not working in the restaurant. My brother lives in the UK, so I see him quite often.

Do you have any past times?

I enjoy walking and exploring Swansea and Gower, especially in the good weather. Also I do watch lots of sport on the television, especially the cricket!

Where have you been or worked that made you go “Wow”?

I have to say where I grew up, in Dehradun in the northern part of India. The mountains are so beautiful. Maybe that’s why I feel at home in Wales, the areas are very similar.

They may not be glamorous, by the food is amazing at the roadside restaurants in the mountains outside of Dehradun. They’re traditional places, inexpensive homemade food, but so tasty.

Thanks Raghubeer. Continue reading “Meet our Tandoori Chef, Raghubeer from Rasoi Waterfront”