Meet our Tandoori Chef, Raghubeer from Rasoi Waterfront

At Rasoi our staff are the key ingredients to the success of the restaurant and our Tandoori Chef, Raghubeer Rana is one of most experienced.

Raghubeer has spent over 20 years perfecting his skills that produce Rasoi’s delicious food.

So lets get to know Raghubeer a little better and try to understand what make him “tick”.

Why did you choose the hospitality industry as a career?

Cooking has been my passion for over 20 years and with other key members of my family being in the industry, it seemed a natural step to take. My older brother has worked in the industry and seeing his career develop, I thought it would be something I would like to do also.

Where did you work before coming to Swansea?

I worked in a busy Indian restaurant in Leicester called Indigo for a number of years and Rasoi has been my home for over five years now. As part of my interview at Rasoi I had to cook a number of dishes, including our famous lamb chops, a mixed grill and a fish tikka dish. I think Jas and Suki were very impressed, as they offered me the job on the spot.

Who has been the greatest influencers in your life?

Again I have to say my brother, he has been the greatest role model, he works very hard for our family and I’ve always looked up to him.

From a cookery perspective I really admire Sanjeev Kapoor. If you haven’t heard of him, he is a world-renowned Indian chef, who appears on a lot on television shows and is a very successful entrepreneur. I have a number of his cookery books and love his style of modern and traditional cuisine, a real fusion. Maybe that’s why I like his cooking so much, as it’s similar to the way we do things here at Rasoi.

What’s your favourite place in Swansea?

There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach with an ice cream after a long walk.  Looking over from SA1 to Mumbles head is so beautiful.

What sport do you like to watch, football, rugby or cricket?

How can you ask an Indian that question!! Cricket of course. I watch it all the time when I’m not working.  MS Dhoni is my favourite player of all time, he captained the side for years and I think he is the best Indian player of all time.

What’s the best Welsh ingredients you cook with?

Welsh lamb is one of my favourite ingredient, it’s so tasty and tender when cooked well.  I enjoy making Rasoi’s secret blend of Garam Masala and I also use it at home.

It reminds me of dishes we used to make during my childhood.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Another favourite dish from my childhood, which I make regularly is a spicy lamb curry, with plain boiled rice and some salad. It’s simple food, but once the lamb has been marinating in the spices overnight, there’s nothing better.

I also make lots of Chinese food, chill chicken and fried noodles is one of my specialities.

I do like a Kingfisher beer, but the UK version is a lot weaker than the one back home. So beware if you ever go to India, don’t drink too many!!

What’s your favourite dish on the current Rasoi menu?

Like so many other people, I have to say the tandoori lamb chops, because I make them everyday for customers. I love how they are still so juicy after cooking and the skin is crispy.

Do you have many friends in Swansea?

Yes I do and lots of work colleagues. We all socialise when not working in the restaurant. My brother lives in the UK, so I see him quite often.

Do you have any past times?

I enjoy walking and exploring Swansea and Gower, especially in the good weather. Also I do watch lots of sport on the television, especially the cricket!

Where have you been or worked that made you go “Wow”?

I have to say where I grew up, in Dehradun in the northern part of India. The mountains are so beautiful. Maybe that’s why I feel at home in Wales, the areas are very similar.

They may not be glamorous, by the food is amazing at the roadside restaurants in the mountains outside of Dehradun. They’re traditional places, inexpensive homemade food, but so tasty.

Thanks Raghubeer.