Meet our Restaurant Manager at Rasoi Indian Kitchen – Silviu Stanciu

At Rasoi our staff are the key ingredients to the success of the restaurant and leading the team at Rasoi Indian Kitchen is Silviu Stanciu our manager of three years.

When you meet Silviu you can see within minutes that he is well-suited to this role and his drive to give each diner the “Rasoi experience” shows through.

So lets get to know Silviu a little better and try to understand what make him “tick”.


Why did you choose the hospitality industry as a career?

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and an opportunity came available at home to start working in a restaurant. Years later I still enjoy working in this industry and I have been able to travel and experience other cultures and countries due to it. I’ve worked here at Pontlliw for three years, I worked for a year as a waiter, then was promoted to Restaurant Manager.

Where did you work before coming to Swansea?

I worked in a tourist resort about 150 miles from home called Constanta in Romania. It’s a very pretty city on the Black Sea, with lots of history and a huge port. I managed a very busy Italian Restaurant called Sabroso. I also worked in a seafood restaurant in the same resort.

Who has been the greatest influencers in your life?

Or course, my family, their faith and support in me have allowed me to achieve everything I have.

Also the owners of Rasoi, Jas and Suki, gave me this opportunity to run the restaurant and knowing that I have their support is key.

What’s your favourite place in Swansea?

I love Swansea Bay, the sweep of the bay reminds me of some of the coastal towns at home in Romania. When I do have some time off, I visit Rhossili Bay and Worm’s Head. I can loose myself walking across the beach, the scenery is very special. I’ve even walked out to the tip of the worm!

What sport do you like to watch, football, rugby or cricket?

Football of course, with the world cup on television now, I have to record a lot of the matches and watch them after service. Back home I support the national Romanian team. I’m very disappointed that they didn’t make the world cup finals, which I’m sure everybody else feels the same about Wales.

My club side is Steaua Bucuresti, I haven’t seen them play live for a few seasons, but I’ve watched the Swans twice this year. I also support Manchester United, so when they play the Swans, I don’t know who to support! We won’t have that problem next season.

What’s the best Welsh ingredients you cook with?

I enjoy using wine in my cooking, Glyndwr wine from a vineyard near Cowbridge is good. I’m looking forward to visiting there soon.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

We eat a lot of pork in Romania, so I have to say my mother’s pork and vegetables. It’s like the UK’s roast Sunday lunch, a tradition that you can’t do without.

But my mother’s chicken soup and homemade chocolate cake are also my favourites.

I do enjoy a Romania beer called Ciuc. You can buy it in the UK and it reminds me of home.

When I cook for myself, I do love a steak with sautéed potatoes and a glass of red wine.

What’s your favourite dish on the current Rasoi menu?

Tandoori Lamb Chops with the current wine of the month – An Italian red called San Giorgio, Montepulciano D’abruzzo Venezie.

Have you any Romania friends in Swansea?

Yes I do, my brother now lives in Swansea, so I have part of my family here. I have a great group of Romanian friends living nearby and we spend a lot of time together on the beach or enjoying the bars on Wind Street.

Do you have any past times?

I think you can tell I’m football crazy, I played for years in my local team back home with my brother. I have played a lot of handball and tennis in the past. I think I need to join a five-a-side team here in Swansea, I miss playing a lot.

Where have you been or worked that made you go “Wow”?

I visited Athens on holiday two weeks ago and stayed at a retreat and spa. The place was fantastic, palm trees on the beach and superb facilities. A great place to unwind and relax.


Thanks Silviu.